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Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This man drops a fake grenade in the troop carrier, he scares everyone

Category: Weapons & Military

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This man is calling the cows from far away with his trumpet.

Category: Amazing Stuff

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This lady backflips over the mcdonalds counter

Category: Funny Stuff

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This dog is left inside a camper van, it poos on the dash of the van, yuk

Category: Disgusting & Yuk

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - Lifting the boat out of the water, it tips over and sinks

Category: Boats

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - Making some smoke with the leaf blower in the chimney stack

Category: Fire

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - Its raining and this car doesn't have any wipers, a man wipes the windscreen manually

Category: On the Road

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - These weird people all come together to dance.

Category: Weirdos

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This kid nearly gets run over by a car. Lucky days

Category: Near miss

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This box rolls on a delivery driver, other people run to help him out

Category: Surprised & Unexpected

Racing & Drifting in traffic with Pedestrians

Category: Street Racing

Stupid Videos, Funny Videos - This man backflips into a rock pool. Doesn't care about his back or body.

Category: Stupid Videos

Big Cardio Workout at the gym after a long rowing session

Category: Fitness & Gym

Stupid Videos - This is how you do the ice bucket challenge when you are drunk, ohhh my eyes hurt now

Category: Drunk People

Not taking any of this during my news time

Category: Reporters & News

Stupid Videos - This truck does a massive burnout, just put a bit of oil on the tyres

Category: Burnouts

Making chicken nuggets the old fashioned way

Category: Food

Indian dome with cars & motorbikes showing off, some dude just stands in the middle chilling

Category: Amazing Stuff

Stupid Videos - a motorcycles kicks the car, then stacks it.

Category: Ironic & Karma

Man attempts scooter jump, bike nosedives and he gets owned. Didn't know scooters were made for this

Category: Fails